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Massage Schools in North America

massage therapy colleges

Locate massage therapy schoolsin America and Europe. colleges for massage therapy provide flexible training plans in a broad array of bodywork modalities and other natural healing remedies.

Depending on available healing arts programs, some best massage therapy collegesextend opening massage courses in basic massage techniques, anatomy, physiology, pathology and kinesiology that could be as short as a weekend workshop or as an advanced course of study that may encompass over 1,000 coaching hours.

In a number of massage therapy faculties, prospective students may connect with a professional massage therapist certificate programs whereby candidates are afforded in-depth education and hands-on training in a huge range of massage systems, including: shiatsu or Watsu (a kind of aquatic shiatsu), Zen body therapy, trigger point myotherapy, reflexology, Thai or Oriental medical massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, Trager therapy, craniosacral therapy, Tai Chi, structural integration, Swedish massage, Rolfing, Lomi-Lomi and many others.

Some massage therapy certification specialize in particular healing arts modalities including reflexology, Qigong, prenatal or baby massage, orthopedic massage and so on. A few best massage therapy colleges may offer accreditation in a number of of aforementioned training programs; and in some cases, may actually extend degree options in medical massage.

While many massage therapy schoolsmake efforts to satisfy standards and requirements established by regulating massage therapy boards, it is vital that prospective students determine which courses of study may meet those standards - like, if you are primarily using a short course to obtain an introduction to the art, then you may not be qualified to become nationally certified;* moreover, national certification is applicable to those students who have acquired a minimum of 500 training hours. (Applicable in the US) Some best massage therapy colleges provide 300 training hours, which meet some state qualification requirements; yet, to be able to become nationally certified, students must organize to take additional higher level courses to make membership to take the national certification examination. Canadian students, who want professional careers in massage may find, overly, that a quantity of provinces require licensure. In this case, a particular standard of training hours* should be fulfilled prior to being a certified, practicing massage therapist. (Hours vary from state to land.) It is necessary that possible students review curriculums at potential massage therapy certificationprior to registration. Promising educational opportunities can be provided by massage therapy colleges to candidates interested in operating the normal and complementary health care business. Now, massage practitioners can get lucrative wages exceeding $30 per hour.* (Earnings depend on education, expertise and geographical location.)

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